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Dunbar & Point Grey

November 27, 2017

Vancouver Archives AM1584-: CVA 7-82 .

A tree brought down by a winter storm has fallen into a recently built home at 2nd Avenue and Waterloo Street.

Vancouver Archives AM1533-S2-4-: 2009-005.520

A construction gang who appear to be laying streetcar tracks near 18th and Dunbar.

Vancouver Archives AM336-S3-2-: CVA 677-990

The Hastings Mill Store at its relocated spot by the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club where it is now a museum. It was originally the company store at Hastings Mill which was just beside Gastown. It is the only building to survive the Great Fire of Vancouver in 1886 that continues to exist today.

Vancouver Archives AM505-S1-: CVA 660-920

Families dressed in their Sunday best leaving the Kerrisdale Baptist Church. The church survives today on East Boulevard.

Vancouver Archives AM1533-S2-4-: 2009-005.255

A streetcar crosses Dunbar Street in this photo taken from West 41st.

Vancouver Archives AM1535-: CVA 99 - 3233

The aftermath of a brutal-looking car accident alongside the Arbutus Corridor railway line.

Vancouver Archives AM505-S1-: CVA 660-347

Jean and Jack Davidson playing in their yard on West 42nd Avenue.

Vancouver Archives AM1584-: CVA 7-96

Children play on the patio of the Alexander House at 16th and Collingwood.

Vancouver Archives AM54-S4-: LP 241

A view south down Dunbar Street from 29th Avenue. Recently logged, the streetcar lines often presaged rapid development of suburban communities around Vancouver.

Vancouver Archives AM1584-: CVA 7-43

A fire engine rushes to the scene of a bush fire at Blenheim Street and 2nd Avenue.

Vancouver Archives AM1584-: CVA 7-41

Horse-drawn fire engines respond to a bush fire at Blenehim Street and 2nd Avenue.

Vancouver Archives AM1584-: CVA 7-8

The snow-covered home of James Quiney at Dunbar and 4th. He was the photographer who created many of the photos in this collection.

Vancouver Archives AM1584-: CVA 7-66

The home of Ellis Keenleyside at Waterloo and 1st Avenue.

Vancouver Archives AM1584-: CVA 7-66

The home of Ellis Keenleyside at Waterloo and 1st Avenue.

Vancouver Archives AM1584-: CVA 7-74

A worker lays wooden planks down as a temporary sidewalk in front of the home of J.W. Morrison at Waterloo and 2nd.

Vancouver Archives

The Point Grey Municipal Hall, back when Point Grey was its own separate municipality. It has since been replaced by this community centre.

Vancouver Archives AM1533-S2-4-: 2009-005.274

An early Safeway at 17th and Dunbar, one of the few retailers that have survived over a century of dramatic economic change and upheaval.

Vancouver Archives AM1535-: CVA 99-4887

Two employees in their pristine white uniforms stand in front of a Shell gas station at 4th and Blenheim.

Vancouver Archives AM1584-: CVA 7-36

A woman is photographed mid-throw hurling a snowball at someone just outside the frame as a grinning man looks on near 4th and Waterloo.

Vancouver Archives AM54-S4-: Log P15

A small steam train hauls away massive logs at the foot of Trutch Street, a process that occurred all throughout this part of Vancouver in the 1890s and 1900s, allowing large scale residential construction to take place.

Vancouver Archives AM1584-: CVA 7-79

The first streetcar to run this route crosses Waterloo Street by 4th Avenue, heralding the development of the area. A sign advertises J. Quincy Real Estate, who took many of the photos used in this series.

Vancouver Archives AM1584-: CVA 7-91

Cottages built for day-trippers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Vancouver life are seen here at the foot of Balaclava Street. The construction of streetcar lines out to this area at the same time meant Kitsilano and Point Grey were about to undergo dramatic change.

Vancouver Archives AM1535-: CVA 99-4451

The new Art Deco style Dunbar Theatre at 45th and Dunbar.

Vancouver Archives AM1533-S2-4-: 2009-005.523

Two streetcars travelling West on 41st near Dunbar Street. Very soon after the Second World War the streetcars would begin to disappear, replaced by faster bus service.

Vancouver Archives AM1584-: CVA 7-26

A bear cub hiding up a tree near 16th and Collingwood Street.

Vancouver Archives AM54-S4-1---: CVA 20-91

A real estate office on Waterloo Street.

Vancouver Archives AM54-S4-: PAN P52

An early panoramic shot of Kerrisdale taken from 41st and West Boulevard.

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