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Heart of the Wheat Land

Today Gleichen is a small hamlet located just adjacent to the Siksika First Nation Reserve in Alberta. Gleichen grew into a town in the late 1800s and early 1900s as hundreds of ranchers and farmers disembarked from trains in Gleichen and settled on the surounding lands. However, in the 1920s and 1930s economic changes and a series of devastating fires caused many of Gleichen's residents to move away. Today Gleichen is much smaller than it once was, but is working hard to preserve its history.

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Then and Now Photos

Palace Hotel Palace Hotel

Glenbow Museum and Archives NA-1941-22 & On This Spot Enterprises

Palace Hotel - 1910s

A view of horse-drawn wagons and a dog in the street in front of the Palace Hotel.

The Railway Station The Railway Station

Glenbow Museum and Archives PA-3973-32 & On This Spot Enterprises

The Railway Station - 1904

The CPR station in Gleichen, with a grain elevator visible in the distance.

Looking up 4th Ave. Looking up 4th Ave.

Glenbow Museum and Archives NA-1633-2 & On This Spot Enterprises

Looking up 4th Ave. - 1914

A view of 4th Avenue from Main Street. The building on the left houses the Gleichen Trading Company.

Cowboys Cowboys

Glenbow Museum and Archives NA-2501-4 & On This Spot Enterprises

Cowboys - 1915

A parade of Stetson-toting cowboys preceding the Gleichen Stampede.

Milling About Milling About

Glenbow Museum and Archives NA-2501-5 & On This Spot Enterprises

Milling About - 1915

A group of cowboys mills about in front of the hotel, as people watch from the veranda. This was taken during the Gleichen Stampede on June 24, 1915.

St. Andrew's St. Andrew's

Glenbow Museum and Archives NA-5608-24 & On This Spot Enterprises

St. Andrew's - 1900s

A rear view of St. Andrew's Anglican Church.

Gleichen's Cenotaph Gleichen's Cenotaph

Glenbow Museum and Archives NA-336-30 & On This Spot Enterprises

Gleichen's Cenotaph - 1921

The cenotaph commemorating Gleichen's fallen during the First World War, shortly after its unveiling.

Paying their Respects Paying their Respects

Glenbow Museum and Archives NA-336-31 & On This Spot Enterprises

Paying their Respects - 1921

Veterans paying their respects to their fallen comrades on Armistice Day, 1921.

Somber Service Somber Service

Glenbow Museum and Archives NA-336-32 & On This Spot Enterprises

Somber Service - 1921

Clergymen preside over a Remembrance Day ceremony at the Gleichen cenotaph shortly after its unveiling.


Glenbow Museum and Archives PA-335-1 & On This Spot Enterprises

CIBC - 1930s

A side view of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, now a library.

Cars on Main St. Cars on Main St.

Glenbow Museum and Archives PA-1599-336c-1 & On This Spot Enterprises

Cars on Main St. - 1970s

Cars parked on an unpaved Main Street during the 1970s.