November 28, 2017

W. Chase Nova Scotia Archives no. 8 / neg. no.: N-9491

The inauguration of the Welsford-Parker Monument at the Old Burying Ground which commemorates Captain William Parker and Major Augustus Welsford, Nova Scotians who died in the Crimean War. The war fought in Russia between 1854 and 1856. This is one of the earliest photographs taken outdoors in Halifax that has survived to this day.

Notman Studio Nova Scotia Archives acc. no. 1983-310/44222 | NSARM neg. N-711

Farmers bringing their goods to market day on George Street.

Tom Connors Nova Scotia Archives accession 1987-218 no. 720

Men on horseback on Grand Parade in front of Halifax's City Hall.

R.V. Harris Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1992-415 no. 5

Members of Halifax's police department pose for a photo on the Grand Parade after a day of first aid training.

Halifax Relief Commission Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1976-166 no. 64

Coffins stacked outside the Snow and Co. undertakers on Argyle Street in preparation to receive the dead in the aftermath of the Halifax Explosion.

Nathaniel N. Morse Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1989-298 / negative: N-7079

American relief workers, likely members of Harvard's medical team, pose for a photo outside the American relief hospital in the aftermath of the Halifax explosion. The hospital was located at Spring Garden Road and Queen Street, and the Nova Scotia Technical College can be seen in the background.

Robert S. Low Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1992-524

Children make the most of a horrible winter by tobogganing down Halifax Street just after the Halifax Explosion.

W.R. MacAskill Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1987-453 no. 4230

A streetcar trundles down busy Barrington Street, one of 59 such Birney trams servicing Halifax around the time.

Halifax School for the Blind Nova Scotia Archives Album 83, page 10, photo 2

A view down Barrington Street at the intersection of Prince Street.

British flags and bunting are draped over the Capital Building on Barrington Street to make the Royal Visit on 15 June 1939.

Robert Norwood Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1987-481 no. 277-88

Boy scouts parade down Barrington Street to mark a royal visit by King George and Queen Elizabeth.

J.F. Rogers Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1995-370 no. 38

Members of the Canadian Women's Auxiliary Corps stand at attention in the Grand Parade in front of City Hall.

Nova Scotia Archives Photo Drawer - People - Macdonald, Angus L. - Funeral

Pallbearers carry the casket of Premier Angus L. Macdonald out of St. Mary's Cathedral where it had been lying in state.



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