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Meet the Saint-Maurice River, the Saint-Lawrence River and large riverside spaces once intended for a completely different vocation.

This project is a collaboration with the province of Quebec.

1. Parc du Platon

CIEQ. Collection René-Hardy, Fonds Trois-Rivières, Série Conrad Godin, TR_CONRAD_GODIN_014.

The development of the Platon Park inaugurated in 2012 highlights the city's founding site and offers visitors a spectacular view of the river from the monumental staircase.

2. Parc portuaire

Archives de l’administration portuaire de Trois-Rivières

Since 1988, the harbour park offers a privileged access to the river and breathtaking views of the port and the Laviolette Bridge. Since 2012, the port also receives international cruise ships.

3. L'anamorphose

Archives de la Ville de Trois-Rivières. TE-0011

La vie est l'aquarium de l'espoir, a work by Richard Purdy located at the ferry terminal since 2016. This anamorphosis represents a whitefish, a fish that appears on the coat of arms of the City of Trois-Rivières.

4. Jardin des sculptures

BANQ. E6,S7,SS1,P73089


A landscaped area with several public artworks installed since 1992, creating the Sculpture Garden.

5. Rue des Ursulines


Des Ursulines Street, opened in 1650, is the oldest street in Trois-Rivières. Originally named Notre-Dame Street, it acquired its current name in 1947, marking the 250th anniversary of the establishment of the nuns here.

6. Le 653

Culture Trois-Rivières


The 653, des Ursulines Street was built in 1923. This neoclassical style residence is a fine example of the Trois-Rivières bourgeoisie.

7. Le 642

Culture Trois-Rivières


The 642, erected towards the end of the 19th century, bears witness to the Second Empire architecture. Take a look at the richness of the ornamentation and the ogival skylight at the top right.

8. Amphithéâtre

Collection Boréalis, 2014.1.0092


The Cogeco Amphitheatre is an emblematic venue with a capacity of 9,000 spectators. The site, a former factory, has given way to a majestic construction, whose monumental roof is its signature.

9. Hangar No. 1

Collection Boréalis, N2017.07.16.

The hangar no. 1, built around 1934, located on your right, is the last remnant of the modernization of the port that took place during the 1930s.

10. La boussole

Collection Boréalis.


Take a break on the bench of your favorite venue, and admire the beautiful view once again!

11. Œuvre flotille

Collection Boréalis, N2017.02.15.


Flottille, is a work by Roger Gaudreau installed in 2016. The 13 artistic benches evoke waves, various boats and the bridge. The poems are by Guy Marchand.

12. Lettres Trois-Rivières

Collection Boréalis, 2014,1,0095.

The 6-meter high letters facing the river are made of cross-laminated wood in Austria. The letters are visible from the south shore as well as for passing boaters on the river.

13. Belvédère

Collection Boréalis, N2017.07.35.


The origin of the name Trois-Rivières refers to the three channels that the Saint-Maurice River forms at its mouth with the St. Lawrence River by flowing between two islands; Potherie Island and Saint-Quentin Island.

14. Boréalis

Collection Boréalis, 061.


Borealis is located in the former Canadian International Paper (CIP) filtration plant, built in the early 1920s. In 2006, it was designated as a heritage site by the City of Trois-Rivières.

15. Œuvre Loess

Collection Boréalis, N2015.01.01.


Loess, a work by Ludovic Boney installed in 2016. Minimalist, showing the artist's interest in structures, this delicately erected one has 594 welded rings.