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The floodwaters have lifted these river barges into the yard of the bonding warehouse on Skeldergate. Clifford's Tower can be seen in the background.

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Marygate swamped by the waters that have risen 16 feet above the banks of the Ouse.

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Crowds line the water's edge to watch a regatta being held to celebrate the completion of Skeldergate Bridge.

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A photograph of the Ouse at its confluence with the Foss where it is controlled by canal locks. A barge floats by. These barges, which often had to rely on powered tugs to tow them up and down the river, were a cheap and commonplace means of moving goods before the proliferation of trucks.

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The famous Clifford's Tower, built by the Normans to dominate the restive Anglo-Saxon countryside. This castle was the site of the most horrific pogrom in English history. In 1190 York's small Jewish community sought refuge in Clifford's Tower from an angry mob championed by those who owed money to Jewish moneylenders. Besieged, with no possibility of escape and facing certain death, the Jewish families chose to commit mass suicide rather than surrender. The few who chose surrender were butchered by the mob the next morning.

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Another shot of Skeldergate Bridge.

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A few men pose for a photo in Peter Lane off Market Street.




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