On This Spot is a photography blog about history and travel.
I travel the world creating then and now photo essays of cities and battlefields, dramatically illustrating how they have — or haven't — changed.

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February 2, 2015
UNESCO World Heritage Series

Maritime Greenwich

Most people only know Greenwich as the place we all set our time to and the place the Prime Meridian has been set, 0° latitude. But the true significance of Greenwich ranges far beyond these distinctions. It extends to every corner of the globe and into every sphere of Western cultural life. Indeed, persuasive arguments can and have been made that the institution represented by Maritime Greenwich has played an unsurpassed role in shaping the modern world, for Maritime Greenwich is the symbolic heart of the Royal Navy. Read more...

December 13, 2014
Historical Analysis

Ukraine's Lords of War

How $32 billion of Ukrainian military equipment went missing and wound up in African warzones, poisoning Ukrainian politics and society in the process. Read more...

May 3, 2014

Night Shift in the Oil Sands

Working night shift affords the opportunity to savour some of the experiences inherent to working this far north that easily go missed when you're stuck on the day shift. The silence reminds you how close to the wild we are, how thin on the ground our little patch of civilization is. At night nature creeps back onto the land so recently claimed by man. Read more...

About the Project

I'm Andrew, from Vancouver, Canada.

From forgotten battlefields and ruined cities to industrial megaprojects and dazzling metropolises, come with me as I search out worlds that once were, and examine the new world that is coming into being right before our eyes.

Im currently in Vancouver, Canada.