A New Way to Experience History.

Look back in time by blending past and present photographs.

Guided walking tours to discover the history that surrounds you.

A fully immersive historical experience, debuting now in Vancouver.

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On This Spot Screenshot
On This Spot Screenshot

Use the fade tool to precisely compare past and present.

On This Spot Screenshot

Use the camera to overlay past on present and the powerful editor to create your own then and now image mash-ups.

Over 600 historic photos of Vancouver precisely mapped out, with more being added all the time.

On This Spot Screenshot
On This Spot Screenshot

Photo opportunities organized into walking tours that immerse you in the history around you.

A huge variety of carefully researched and engaging tours. Find what you love.

On This Spot Screenshot

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Chris Reid and Andrew Farris

On This Spot is the creation of Vancouver's Andrew Farris and Chris Reid.

The app is an outgrowth of Andrew's On This Spot blog, which features then and now photographs from around the world. Andrew partnered with longtime University of Victoria friend Chris to create an interactive, easy to use, and educational app that, it is hoped, will be popular with people of all ages and interests.

Andrew handles research, mapping, photography while Chris does app design and development.

On This Spot is seeking sponsorships to rapidly expand coverage across Canada and the United States in the months and years to come.

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