A New Way to Experience History.

Look back in time by blending past and present photographs.

Go on guided walking tours to discover the history that surrounds you.

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On This Spot's groundbreaking design goes beyond any history app yet developed.

On This Spot will change the way you experience the past.

Compare old Vancouver to today by viewing over 600 highly accurate, high quality then and now photos.

Use our powerful camera editor to seamlessly create your own blended then and now photos and share them on social media.

Hundreds of historic photos mapped out with pinpoint accuracy!

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11 walking tours through the city to discover the history that surrounds you, with five to be added shortly. You'll be surprised by what didn't know!

Tours on a huge variety of subjects, from the Great Fire of Vancouver to Chinatown, from the lifeguard Joe Fortes to Vancouver's History of Real Estate Speculation. There is something for everyone!

Frequent updates and new content will keep you coming back for years to come!


Chris Reid and Andrew Farris

On This Spot is the creation of Vancouver's Chris Reid and Andrew Farris.

The app is an outgrowth of Andrew's popular blog On This Spot, which features then and now photographs from around the world. You can view them here. Seeing there was a glaring lack of history-tourism apps, Andrew partnered up with longtime friend Chris to create an interactive, easy to use and educational app that, it is hoped, will be popular with people of all ages and interests.

Chris has designed and carried through the programming for the app. Andrew has carried out the research, mapping, photography and writing to fill the app with content.

On This Spot intends to rapidly expand coverage across British Columbia and Canada in the months and years to come.


We welcome any and all feedback, comments and interest and will respond promptly to all inquiries.


Available now on Android and iOS!

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