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Picture Sheffield Reference u09516

A truck zooms down Attercliffe Road.

Picture Sheffield Reference s12220

The Blonk Street Bridge seen from Lady's Bridge. On the left was Huntsman's Forge, amongst other industrial works. Now it is an office block.

Picture Sheffield Reference s01540

An arch set up on Blonk Street to commemorate Queen Victoria's visit to Sheffield. You can see the roof peaks of the two buildings still there today through the arch. Triumphal arches erected temporarily to mark special occasions were an extremely popular tradition that is all but forgotten today.

Picture Sheffield Reference s07127

The Yellow Lion Hotel on Haymarket.

Picture Sheffield Reference s18603

A car speeds along Sheaf Street at the junction of Paternoster Row and Leadmill Row. In the background can be seen a traffic sign for the A61 as well as ads for whiskey, beer and H.P. sauce.

Picture Sheffield Reference s07150

The old post office in Fitzalan Square. The cab stand in the middle of the square was demolished to make way for the statue of King Edward VII in 1913.

Picture Sheffield Reference s02100

On the nights of 12 and 15 December 1940, German bombers aiming for the extensive steelworks in the city's East End missed their targets and pummeled Sheffield's city centre instead. These two nights became known as the Sheffield Blitz, killing 660 and leaving 40,000 homeless. On the first night many people sought refuge in the cellar of the Marples Hotel in Fitzalan Square. Sadly, the hotel took a direct hit, killing at least 70 people. In this photo we can see exhausted-looking rescue workers searching for survivors in the hotel's rubble.

Picture Sheffield Reference s15298

A collection of horse-drawn hansom cabs wait at the taxi-stand outside Sheffield Railway Station the same year the stone facade was built. The water feature on the left of my photo, known as 'Cutting Edge', was added in 2006 as part of a redesign of Sheaf Square.




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