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Picture Sheffield Reference s03600

A rather solemn crowd gathers at the City Hall on VE Day. They appear to be singing a hymn. Reminders of the war are everywhere in Sheffield. Even in the background of this photo the shrapnel scars from German bombs are thrown into sharp relief on the middle pillars of the City Hall.

Picture Sheffield Reference w00143

A parade advertising Sanger's Circus marches down Upper Hanover Street. I'm reasonably confident I have the right spot (the reference point being the steeple of St. Andrew's on the left), though the area has been heavily redeveloped to make way for heavier traffic (which you can see is gridlocked in my photo).

Picture Sheffield Reference u09516

Women and children have lined up with pails to receive water from the water delivery man on Southgrove Road in Broomhill. The fashions are fascinating here along with the hoop the boy is carrying. I'm confident this is the right spot as the church steeple is still at the same angle on the left, though it is now blocked by homes.

Picture Sheffield Reference u09516

The Bear Pit in the Sheffield Botanical Gardens. Curious onlookers could look down on bears trying to go about their lives in this tiny enclosure. A nearby plaque claims the bears were removed when a boy fell in and was "savaged".

Picture Sheffield Reference v00899

Workers are hard at work repairing streetcar rails on a busy Fargate.

Picture Sheffield Reference s03780

Firefighters work to put out a fire at the Surrey Theatre on West Bar, just north of the downtown core. It looks like they're too late to save the building.

Picture Sheffield Reference s07534

The Washford Bridge over the Don leading into Attercliffe. A ford over the river since ancient times, the current stone bridge is over 200 years old. This entire area was densely developed with heavy industry until the very recent past.

Picture Sheffield Reference u04635

Another shot of the Washford Bridge over the Don.

Picture Sheffield Reference s09745

A fascinating sketch of the Cyclops Steelworks on Savile Street. It was drawn from the perspective of Carlisle Street in Brightside. Railways run in front of the warehouse but in front of that that the land has not been developed at all save as pasture for cattle. The smoke from the steelworks in the old photo clouds out the hills we can see in the background of the now photo.




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