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A peddlar speaks with a woman. The caption speculates that the man is Francesco Viviana, or Old Man Friday, apparently a fixture of Newcastle around the turn of the last century. In the background is the Grey Monument, built to commemorate Prime Minister Charles Grey, champion of the Great Reform Act of 1832 that redistributed electoral power from the countryside to Britain's rapidly growing industrial cities.

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Street cars and fashionably dressed women can be seen in this photo of Grainger Street, which has been hand-coloured for a postcard. It's a busy night.

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Men overseeing the construction of a bridge over the Ouseburn. Notice the steam shovel on the left. On the right is the Glasshouse Bridge.

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The decorations are out for a royal visit on Northumberland Street.

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Trams on the street by Barras Bridge. The memorial to the fallen in the South African War can be seen in the distance. The famous monument on the far left of my photo, The Response, was added a few years later after the trauma of the First World War.

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Another photo of Barras Bridge. Today the Haymarket metro station blocks our view of the South African War Memorial and Saint Thomas Church, though the building on the left has not changed.

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Carts and pedestrians on the Side.

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Another shot of the Side, in this one the Dean Street railway bridge features more prominently. There's no vehicle traffic and pedestrians wander freely across the street. A man on horseback, perhaps a policeman, looks like he's stopped to speak with someone who moved during the exposure.

Newcastle Libraries Accession Number 030483.

For obvious reasons it is not possible to get the same perspective for the Now photo, but the old photo makes plain the juxtaposition of Old (the early train bridge) and very old (the Keep).

Newcastle Libraries Accession Number 003440.

A boy stands in front of the Black Gate.




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