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Liverpool Picturebook L2 Page

The Royal Liver Building under construction. One of the first buildings in the world to be built of reinforced concrete, it housed the Royal Liver Assurance Group, a purveyor of life insurance.

Liverpool Picturebook L2 Page

Construction nears completion on the Royal Liver Building. In the background is the Port of Liverpool Building which was finished in 1906. Between them is an empty space that would shortly be filled by the Cunard Building. Together the buildings became known as the three graces. They dominate Liverpool's waterfront and are world renowned for their fantastic proportions and innovative design, symbolic of the city's soaring ambition.

Liverpool Picturebook L2 Page

Another view of the Port of Liverpool Building, as well as the Cunard Building. Air raid shelters left over from the Second World War can be seen in the foreground. I really did think I was the right distance away when taking the photo, can't win them all.

Liverpool Picturebook L1 Page

Carters leading their horses down the busy Goree Piazza. The area has changed so dramatically that one could be forgiven for thinking it isn't the same spot, but the building on the far left says otherwise.

Liverpool Picturebook L1 Page

The oldest drydock in Liverpool, these docks were used for hauling up ships and scraping the barnacles off the bottom. Today a rather festive coloured ship has replaced the sailing ships of another era.

Liverpool Picturebook L1 Page

The Salthouse Dock when it was a working dock. The photo is from just about the right perspective, just a bridge has extended over the pier on the left in the old photo and I wasn't able to include it in mine.

Liverpool Picturebook L1 Page

Crowds line up outside the Cavern to catch a show by those up-and-comers, the Beatles. The original Cavern Club was bulldozed in a fit of absent-mindedness in the 1970s. When the historic and culture value of the venue was belatedly realized the Cavern was rebuilt using many of the same bricks, though the building's exterior apparently bears little resemblance to the original.




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