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Liverpool Picturebook L1 Page

A horse drawn tram on Church Street. Horse drawn trams do look like they would have been rather fun to ride.

Liverpool Picturebook L1 Page

Rodney Street has been jovially decked out for a visit from the King and Queen. Few occasions allowed people to give vent to their patriotism like a royal visit.

Liverpool Picturebook L1 Page

Construction of the tower on Liverpool's massive cathedral nears completion. When construction began in 1904 the cathedral was only the third to be built in the United Kingdom since 1600 and an imposing Gothic yet modern design was selected.

Liverpool Picturebook L1 Page

Houses used to come right up to the side of the cathedral. They were damaged by German bombs during the Blitz.

Liverpool Picturebook L1 Page

The cathedral seen from the Great George Square bowling green. You can see one of the transcepts has not been completed yet. The cathedral would not be fully completed until 1960.

Liverpool Picturebook L1 Page

The old Philharmonic Hall on Hope Street.

Liverpool Picturebook L1 Page

The old Philharmonic Hall on Hope Street burning down.




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