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Liverpool Picturebook L1 Page

Liverpool's old Central Station. The station and the building at the left rear were destroyed in the Blitz, as we will soon see.

Liverpool Picturebook L1 Page

Liverpool was pummelled by the Luftwaffe in 1940 and 1941. We see here large tracts of the city centre have been flattened by German bombs, though the two buildings in the centre distance have survived unharmed.

Liverpool Picturebook L1 Page

Another view of the terrible damage inflicted on the Ranelagh.

Liverpool Picturebook L1 Page

People grimly try to get on with their lives amidst the gutted remains of stores on Church Street. The building on the extreme left survives. This was the so-called Christmas Blitz in December 1940, when especially severe bombing on December 20-22 killed dozens of people in shelters.

Liverpool Picturebook L1 Page

Police and people wait at the corner of Church Street and Tarleton Street. A number of the buildings pictured were destroyed in the Blitz. Today an alien is performing there.

Liverpool Picturebook L1 Page

A rather grainy photo giving a view up Ranelagh Street. Asides from a couple buildings on the left, the environment has changed dramatically.

Liverpool Picturebook L1 Page

George's Dock, one of Liverpool's earlier docks. It was built in 1771 and remained in use for over a century. In 1899 it was filled in to create Pier Head, the site of Liverpool's main dock offices. In the background is the Church of Our Lady and Saint Nicholas.




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