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Leodis Online Photo Archive ID 7952.

21st Century Albion Street bears little resemblance to 19th Century Albion Street. This is at the intersection with Bond Street.

Leodis Online Photo Archive ID 8635.

The bottom of Park Row. Here we see the old post office as well as the chambers for Yorkshire Bank.

Leodis Online Photo Archive ID 515.

The statue of the Black Prince figures prominently in this photo of City Square. On the left is the newer old post office, while on the right is Mill Hill Chapel. It looks like much of the square has been remodeled as well.

Leodis Online Photo Archive ID 2003102_13103884.

Several people loiter in front of the headquarters of the Yorkshire Banking Company. This photo was taken just after the building's completion. Above the door is the coat of arms of the city of Leeds, owls and all.

Leodis Online Photo Archive ID 9075.

We see here Saint Paul's Church, which lends its name to the street on which it once stood. It was demolished in 1905 to make way for the offices of the city's water board.

Leodis Online Photo Archive ID 8819.

A rather low-resolution engraving of the impressive Town Hall near the end of its construction.

Leodis Online Photo Archive ID 2003121_86756534.

A ball at the Town Hall to celebrate the Prince of Wales's visit to Leeds. The first dance with the prince was reportedly had by Mrs. Fairbairn, the mayor's wife, who along with her husband were hosting the ball.

Leodis Online Photo Archive ID 9810.

The imposing Civic Hall on Portland Crescent was once a warren of slums. So in the depths of the depression, the scheme to build the Civic Hall was intended to clear out the slums while providing badly needed jobs for the unemployed.




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