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From Hamburg Bilderbuch

A canal is filled with small craft.

From Hamburg Bilderbuch

Saint Michaelis kirche is the largest and most famous church in Hamburg. Mariners traveling up the Elbe would use the church's spire as a landmark to guide them towards the city. After the city's destruction in 1943 the Schaarmarkt, seen in the foreground of the Then photo, was not rebuilt.

From Hamburg Bilderbuch

The Stecklehorn. The spire of Nikolaikirche, undergoing renovations can be seen in the background. The canal has since been filled in, one of Hamburg's many canals that was filled in with rubble from bombed out buildings after the war.

From Hamburg Bilderbuch

This area of the Speicherstadt, called Hollandbruck, was once inhabited by Dutch immigrants, hence the name. The red-brick warehouses built here are part of the Speicherstadt UNESCO World Heritage site.

From Hamburg Bilderbuch

A view down the Zippelhaus. Katharinekirch can be clearly seen.

From Hamburg Bilderbuch

Here we see an outstanding example of 1920s brick expressionist architecture — the Chilehaus. It was named so by the tycoon who commissioned its construction, as he had made his fortune importing Chilean saltpeter.




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