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An exotic rider passes through Glasgow Cross as part of a parade to promote the arrival of the Chipperfield Circus.

>More riders passing by during the Chipperfield's Circus parade. The children are delighted.

An early shot of Bridgegate. Most of the buildings here were demolished over a century ago and the area extensively redeveloped as a transportation corridor.

The Great Fire of 1909 that ripped through warehouses on Ingram Street. Firemen battling the blaze were almost crushed by the building's facade that collapsed into the road, as you can see here. Notice their headgear. Today only the building on the far left survives.

Ironically enough the great fire in the last photo was directly across the street from Glasgow Central Fire Station, pictured here. You can see the firemen posed on the running boards of their firetrucks, a hazardous and hair-raising way to ride to an emergency.

You can almost hear the commotion in this photo of a bustling Union Street.

Looking north up Queen Street, this picture makes it plain just how much fashions have changed since the Victorian Era. The roof of Queen Street Station can be seen in the distance, but few other buildings remain from that time.

A small crowd stands around the Cenotaph commemorating the sacrifice of the 200,000 Glaswegians who served in the Great War. Behind are the City Chambers which contain the world's longest marble staircase, larger than the Vatican's.

The view down Buchanan Street, Glasgow's popular shopping street. The church spire dominates the skyline less than it once did.




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