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From Wikipedia

A statue of Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press, in Kaiserplatz. While the statue hasn't changed, its surroundings have.

From Wikipedia

Another interesting example of Frankfurt's ultra-modern skyline towering over a very distinct historic building. Part of Frankfurt's medieval fortifications, in the 1400s and 1500s the Eschenheimer Thurm was the free imperial city's most prominent gatehouse.

From Wikipedia

This is where Johann Wolfgang Goethe, the giant of German literature, was born and raised. It serves as a museum to the man and his works today.

From Wikipedia

You can be forgiven for not guessing there was once a street here off Gallusstrasse, and there was a huge cafe on the corner.

From Wikipedia

Another statue that has seen its surroundings dramatically altered. This one is at the Marchenbrunnen, behind it are the old offices of the European Central Bank.

From Wikipedia

Frankfurt's hauptbahnhof.

From Wikipedia

The galluswarte watchtower just to the west of Frankfurt's city centre. The name comes from Galgenfeld, which means gallows field, because this was where condemned criminals were hanged.

From Wikipedia

On the right is the Church of the Teutonic Order in Saschenhausen.

From the Histomil Forum

An American GI gets acquainted with the locals after the war.




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