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From Peter Stubb's Edinphoto site

New Lane in Newhaven. Some of the homes have since been rebuilt, to be a bit larger and the street a bit less cramped.

From Peter Stubb's Edinphoto site

Junction Bridge in Leith just after it was widened.

From Peter Stubb's Edinphoto site

Trams on Princes Street. These double decker trams ran from 1871 but were phased out in 1956. A proposal to build a new tram system in Edinburgh was adopted in 2008 and the new system finally completed in May 2014.

From Scotsman Publications Ltd

The C & A Modes department store burning furiously. As you can see the building didn't survive the fire.

From Peter Stubb's Edinphoto site

The view looking down Advocate's Close just off the Royal Mile. The Scott Monument is visible. Advocate's Close is named for Sir James Stewart of Goodtrees, the last Advocate of Scotland before the Act of Union in 1707.

From Peter Stubb's Edinphoto site

Cockburn Street (pronounced Co-Burn), designed to quickly connect the Royal Mile with Waverly Station in 1856 when it was cut through the labyrinth of Medieval closes in the area. On the right you can see the rear of the City Chambers which reaches 12 stories in height, impressive for the 18th Century.

From the book Modern Athens! Edinburgh in the 19th Century

This painting was made from the perspective of Vennel Lane off Grassmarket. Some buildings at the foot of the castle have since been cleared while those on the left have been replaced.




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