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Two men converse outside today's Maritime Museum. One is chomping on a cigar.

The Bard and Banker on Government Street.

The entrance to Bastion Square, the site of the first Hudson's Bay Company fort built in the 1840s.

The building housing Mountain Equipment Co-op has been toned down a bit.

Vancouver Archives

The Legislature as seen from across the Inner Harbour. The land on the left, which had previously been a bay popular with the First Nations for clam-digging, had just been filled in.

The Post Office at Wharf and Government has been replaced.

The men governing the young province on the steps of the Legislature.

Government Street looking north from Fort.

Vancouver Archives

was really hoping I could find one of these buildings for this shot but none of them apparently survive. Nonetheless I am reasonably confident this is the right spot because it was the only place along Government Street where the slope of the road lined up.




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