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Newcastle Libraries Accession Number 068259

In a postcard labeled a Quiet Chat, two women evidently have a quiet chat around the rear of the Black Gate. Today the shop fronts have been removed and the land underneath them excavated.

Newcastle Libraries Accession Number 21051a

Another view from the rear of the Black Gate with the steeple of Saint Nicholas Cathedral towering over it all. As we can see this area was built up with shopfronts as recently as the 1930s.

Newcastle Libraries Accession Number 050155

People pile on to a horse bus about to cross the High Level Bridge. This bus cost a halfpenny until the horse buses were phased out in favour of trams in 1923.

Newcastle Libraries Accession Number 065013

A ship shipherded by tugs passes by the Groyne Lighthouse at South Shields. Ships have gotten quite a bit bigger since then. Railway wagons can be seen underneath the site of the Sailing Club today.

Newcastle Libraries Accession Number 025915

The launch of the HMS Lord Nelson at Jarrow, the last pre-dreadnought commissioned into the Royal Navy. She was to serve as flagship of the Royal Navy's Mediterranean Squadron for much of the First World War.

Newcastle Libraries Accession Number 025668

Men from the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade work to rescue sailors from the barque Diamant that has been wrecked on the Black Middens, the deadly rocks off the North Shields on which dozens of ships met their end.

Newcastle Libraries Accession Number 024288/span>

Tugboats lead a ship past the Black Middens at Tynemouth. Another unfortunate ship, the brigantine Rupert, already lies wrecked upon them.

Newcastle Libraries Accession Number 033089

Herring Boats moored at the North Shields pier. Though fishing technology has changed, much else has remained the same.

A view of the lighthouse nicknamed Little Light overlooking Tynemouth's fishing quay.

Newcastle Libraries Accession Number 062652

People relax on Tynemouth Pier. Overlooking the bluff are the imposing ruins of the Tynemouth Castle and Priory.




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